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Practice Areas

Estate Planning.  This area generally focuses on documents such as Wills, Powers of Attorney for Health Care, General Durable Powers of Attorney, Revocable Trusts and Marital Property Agreements.  Most clients are looking for “basic estate planning,” which, in my practice, includes a Will, a Power of Attorney for Health Care, and a General Durable Power of Attorney.  I have developed a short, informative Overview of these documents.  To review that document, click here

Probate Administration.  This is the process by which assets of a deceased person are distributed after that person’s death.  Sometimes individuals have Wills, but others do not.  The statutes of the State of Wisconsin set out a procedure by which assets are distributed if a person dies without a Will.  While every Probate is different, most probates that are handled today are accomplished through a court procedure called “Informal Probate.”  I have developed an Overview of the Probate Process, which you may review by clicking here
Guardianship.   There are two main types of guardianships: guardianship of an adult, and guardianship of a child.  A guardianship of an adult may become necessary when an adult has lost capacity to make his or her own decisions, and someone else needs to become empowered to act.  Guardianship of a child may involve an issue where a child's parents cannot or will not act on behalf of that child due to illness, neglect, abandonment, or other reasons.  Under those circumstances, someone else needs to become empowered to make decisions on behalf of the child until the parents may become involved again, or until the child reaches the age of eighteen.
Step-Parent Adoption.  Since I began practicing law, I accepted Court appointments to act as a Guardian ad Litem in Step-Parent Adoption cases.  I also now frequently represent parents and step-parents who wish to adopt a spouse's child so as to ensure the legal status between a child's caregivers and the child. 
Real Estate Transactions.  Most people buy and sell homes an average of five times during their lives.  Each time a person sells or buys a home, there is a vast amount of paperwork that must pass for each party, most of which is generated by a lawyer.  To convey property, a Seller must complete various documents of conveyance, such as a Closing Statement, Transfer Fee Return, Deed, Owner’s Affidavit, and other miscellaneous documents.  A Buyer must draft and present an Offer to the Seller for acceptance, and when closing must review all of the documents of conveyance prepared by the Seller.  I have developed a Summary of a Residential Real Estate Transaction which you may review by clicking here.

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